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Lebara Days of Poland 2015


Mnóstwo dobrej zabawy na świeżym powietrzu, występy zespołów folkowych, oraz atrakcje dla dzieci – tak właśnie będzie wyglądał zaplanowany na 9 maja w Potters Fields Park festiwal “Lebara Days of Poland”.


Potters Fields Park 

Łódź Snapshots have arrived!

A few months ago The Strawberry Foundation decided to take on a project which would promote Łódź as a city of young film makers. Thanks to funding from the European Union and the main sponsor Selgros, a series of short films, titled Migawki (Snapshots) came to fruition, it the form of an Internet series.


Heyward and Greatness

A list:

Daniel Carcillo lives to the promise he

TAMPA, Fla. In a perfect world, Daniel Carcillo wouldnt are generally speaking of it.

FanGraphs Audio- Derrick Goold Champions

Episode 372Derrick Goold is the championship beat writer of the Cardinals for that St. Louis Post Dispatch. Hes also the guest on this edition of FanGraphs Audio.

Valuing Garrett

A wide array of left-fielders hit the disposable agent market this off-season, and to date, just Raul Ibanez has signed a contract. The others garnering nearly all discu sions are Adam Dunn, Bobby Abreu, Pat Burrell, and Manny Ramirez. These four, and Ibanez, are cla sic types of all-hitting, no-fielding players, whose values diminish due to their time put in the field.

Considering Chris Borlands decision Biel

You visit a youngster leaving with a game, turning his back on fame and fortune as a consequence of what could be.

Bret Bielema sees the reality of what exactly is in the realm of Chris Borland.

Im able to tread lightly, Bielema says, knowing full well the existing history of some guy together with his crusade, as well as how he's got been mocked as it since.

Andrew Miller8217s Iffy Future

Andrew Miller has two articles linked on his page. One directs to a RotoGraphs piece written by the Talented Mr. Bendix and clicking another can result in an in depth look at the tallest rotations. This isn't what most people had presumably predicted would headline on Millers page back when the Tigers selected him sixth overall in the year 2006.

In Context- Mike Trout and the Teenage H

Friday night, Angel outfield prospect Mike Trout hit the second homer of his very short career. That Trout has any home runs at all at his age Adidas Questar Boost Shoes places him into a pretty exclusive club.

Eno Sarris Baseball Chat 8212 12-5-13

11:44Eno Sarris: See you in fifteen!12:01Eno Sarris: Lyrics during the day in one of my favorite songs ever, and not simply since it comes from the current Brian Eno:


Bear in mindwe all fall behindfrom time to time

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